Cur8 empowers your team

Cur8 has a solid set of features for empowering your pastoral care team. Read through the overview below, and then try out the demo.


Entries are the core feature of Cur8. Log your visits, assign follow-up visits, and stay notified about others'. Entries let you and your team instantly look up what's been going on in people's lives, so you can better help them.

Hospital Lists

Keep track of who's in which hospital and when. No more guesswork.

Prayer Requests

Accept online prayer requests, named or anonymous.

The Dashboard

All of the recent Entries, Hospital Visists and Prayer Requests which concern you are right at you fintertips on the Dashboard. It's a quick way to catch up.

The Wall

You can create "walls" for users to write on. They can be used for instant chatting or posting of announcments. Share only the information you want - create walls for everyone or for a select group of users.

Flexible Permissions

Cur8 realizes your team's need for discression. You may give each easier various permissions which determine what data they can see, enter or change.

Searching & Reporting

Simple yet powerful searches and one-click reporting for Entries, Hospital Visits and Prayer Requests. On-screen, PDF, and spreadsheet.


To contact us, send an email to .

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