What is Cur8?

In the English tradition, the title "curate" is given to a person invested in the care of souls. Cur8 is a Web-based system that helps you keep track of the souls in your care. It enables multiple people, both clergy and lay, to work together, giving each user instant access to all relevant history and information.

Who is Cur8 for?

Cur8 is for you. Cur8 is designed to meet the needs of churches and other organizations who care for people. Cur8 can benefit any organization. Whether you're working by yourself or with a large team, Cur8 helps you access the information you need and manage the efforts of others. Simply put, Cur8 makes your job easier.

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Log entries about your visits, phone calls, etc. Instantly know what's been going on in a person's life.

Hospital Lists

Keep track of who's in which hospital and when. No more guesswork.

Prayer Requests

Accept online prayer requests, named or anonymous.


One-click reports for all the above data. On-screen, PDF, and spreadsheet.

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That's the core functionality, but there's plenty more to learn.

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